Commercial Soft Wash Services

Thorowash is the Expert in Commercial Cleaning Solutions in the Lancaster, PA Area!


We have the expertise needed to clean; 

  • Restaurant Kitchen Hoods
  • Sidewalks
  • Commercial Buildings

If your business has a hard surface that requires cleaning, Thorowash can do the job.

Safe Cleaning Techniques

We are properly trained to recognize how each surface should be cleaned. We utilize a combination of power washing and soft washing with appropriate cleaning solutions to get every surface as clean as possible with absolutely no damage.

Rust Removal

One of our areas of specialty is the removal of unsightly rust and orange battery stains around your business. These stains on your sidewalks, buildings or driveway can be a major eye sore that makes your business look shabby. Let us remove them and refresh the curb appeal of your business!

We can remove:

  • Fertilizer Rust
  • Battery Acid Stains
  • Irrigation Sprinkler Rust Stains
  • And more!

Contact us today with questions, or use the ‘Request an Estimate’ button to obtain a cost estimate for your cleaning job. We can’t wait to make your business look its best!

Call Now:  717.222.4019

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